Antithesis starts next week!

Hi all, this is the last blog post before we start Antithesis on the 23rd of March with our spoken word event at Bar Open in Fitzroy, ‘I speak, you listen: words outside the wog box‘. As well as having our featured poets, we will also have two open mic sections to encourage closeted poets to come and read, in English or Greek, their hidden poems. It’s going to be a great start to what will be hope will be an inspiring festival!

We at Antithesis have been busy promoting, with interviews on 3XY and 3CR. This coming Monday, the 21st of March at 8pm on Channel 31, Digital 44, GR TV have put together a promo for Antithesis which includes footage from a performance by Luka Haralampou and Koraly Dimitriadis at the Cypriot wine festival this year. There is also an interview with the Antithesis crew and a little about our aims for the festival. In tomorrow’s Neos Kosmos in the new English pull out section, there will also be an interview with some of the Antithesis crew and a full program of events. We also have a venue for our Happening on the Saturday night. Refer to our events page for details.

We at Antithesis have been asked a lot over the past few weeks what Antithesis is all about, and I believe it means different things to different people. Everyone who participates and comes to the festival will get what they want out of it. Koraly Dimitriadis, curator of literature/spoken word for Antithesis has written an article about Antithesis and what it means to her on the Overland literary journal website which will be posted tomorrow. An interesting read and hopefully it will generate some interesting discussion.


3 thoughts on “Antithesis starts next week!

  1. This is agood start but i don’t think yo are progressive enough!!

    I have seen another underground movement that is so underground, events are not even advertised but only through word of mouth.

    Neos Kosmos is out of their loop as well…sorry peeps!

    the greeks have a long , long way to go in Melbourne sadly

    Best of luck and great effort!!

    • Hi, thanks for commenting and showing an interest. This is the first year we’re running a complete festival and it has been hard work considering we have had no funding. We see it as the start, of something, but it is very hard work and yes, for me, personally, Koraly, I do feel we have a long way to go but we have to start somewhere, and we are always open to suggestions. Cheers

  2. No problems…..keep an eye out in The Age, papers etc,internet for some things with a “Greekish” twist!!

    Hard work pays off with a little luck as well!


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