About Antithesis

Antithesis (From the Greek – αντί “against” + θέσις “position” / [Oxford: 1. Direct opposite.
2. Contrast. 3. Rhetorical use of strongly contrasted words.])

Antithesis Board

Koraly Dimitriadis (Literature curator)
Koraly Dimitriadis is a Cypriot-Australian writer of poetry, prose and non-fiction. She is also a spoken word artist http://www.koralydimitriadis.com


Ange Arabatzis (Film curator)
Ange is a photographer, actor, filmmaker and director of Art of the State Filmworks http://www.artofthestate.net.au/home.htm




Jim Koutsoukos (Film curator)
Jim is an actor. Jim has featured in long-running TV soap Neighbours, Kick, feature films  The money shot  ( winner of 4 MUFF awards) and Crackerjack, and has performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Melbourne Fringe Festival and the Antipodes Festival.



Nick Tsiavos (Music curator)
Nick is a bassist and composer whose work operates at the intersections of a number of cultural boundaries: from 8th century chant to contemporary minimalism, from syncretic hybridisation to experimental improvisation, from church to pub to concert hall. http://nicktsiavos.net/


8 thoughts on “About Antithesis

  1. albeit am updating my website, I feel I can contribute to your festival if your artistic program has not been finalised. I have worked as a community cultural development artist for over 10years from a rock singer in my younger days to folk/entekna pop greek/australian artist fusing other genres. I work with Michael Teo (mother greek, father chinese) who plays bouzouki in greek circles and the ‘erhu’ with the Chinese Symphonic Orchestra.. I look foward to hearing from you… and wish you all the very best for your wonderful work with the festival (regardless if you’ll have me or not! :-))… kalli epitihia… Anthi.

  2. Hi, Is it too late to get involved? I am a Melbourne writer and blogger. I’ve also passed along details to my sister who is a film maker.
    Either way I’ll come along to some events.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Hariklia, thanks for your interest. We are only a few weeks away and our program is full but I am not sure about the film side of things. If your sister has a short film she would like considered, tell her to email us at antithesisfestival@gmail.com as soon as possible and I will pass it onto the film curator. Please do email us later this year, maybe August, if you would like to be involved in the next festival and we will see what we can do. Please do come along to our events and say hi! Cheers, Koraly Dimitriadis

  3. Hi there! I too am an artist residing in Adelaide. Actor, playwright, blogger, food porn creator. Can you advise how others around the country can get involved?


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